Information for Parents

School Term Dates 2019

Term Dates 2019

Term One begins on Thursday 7th February 2019 at 9am.

School Hours

School begins:  9:00 am
Morning break: 11:00 am - 11:25 am
Lunch:              12:50 pm - 1:45 pm
School finishes: 3.00 pm

Behavioural Expectations

Students at Victory have clear achievable expectations of behaviour in the class and the playground.  Parents may be advised if the school has concerns about a child's behaviour.


Children are encouraged to develop responsibility for themselves and their belongings.  Please encourage your child to be independent.


Children generally come to school with a positive attitude.  Our aim is to continue this by encouraging children to show care and concern for others, to do their best and to display acceptable manners.  Your support is vital!


Pupils are given stickers and merit awards, for class work, special efforts, good conduct, sportsmanship, responsibility and initiative.  There is a conscious effort by all staff to praise, guide and encourage pupils in all aspects of their schooling and positively reinforce acceptable behaviour.

Special Needs & Abilities

Our school acknowledges that children may come to us with special needs or abilities.  We are committed to providing appropriate programmes to meet their needs.


Takes many forms and is an opportunity for you to share in your child's education in a positive way. More information is available from your class teacher.

Culture Group

Te Roopu Whaka Mana Mana. All pupils are welcome to join our Maori Culture group which meets in school time.

School Pool

All children are expected to participate in the swimming programme. Please send a note if your child is not swimming on a particular day. A key may be hired for entry to the pool during the Christmas break and after school hours.

Home & School Communication

Victory Primary School is proud of it's open, caring, friendly relationships with parents. We welcome any queries and have an open door policy.


These are sent home each fortnight, on a Thursday with the youngest child in each family. It is important to read these as they are an important form of communication between home and school.

Parent Helpers

We encourage parental involvement. Please talk to your child's teacher or the Principal if you wish to be involved - we value your support.

Reporting to Parents

We wish to report your child's progress and achievements to you. Parents are welcome to discuss their child's progress by contacting the teacher for a suitable time. Teachers will contact you if they have concerns.

Written & Oral Reports

Written reports are sent home four times each year. These show assessments, a sample of specific achievement objectives, skills and attitudes. Pupil profiles show samples of your child's work in a variety of curriculum areas. Oral interviews are also held.



Health and Safety


If your child is going to be absent, please inform the school office (5484779) before 9.00am. Alternatively, written notification to the class teacher is expected on their return.

Sickness or Accidents

If your child becomes unwell or has an accident you will be contacted as soon as possible. We need a second contact person in case we cannot contact you should an emergency arise.

Changes of Address

Please contact the office if you change your address, phone number or emergency contact.

Health Nurse

Our Public Health Nurse can be contacted on 5461535 if you have any concerns with your child.

Vision & Hearing

Checks are made on all children entering school and any other children suspected of having difficulties.


Please inform your class teacher if your child requires medication.


Children may ride to school after their 10th birthday. This is in accordance with recommendations made by the Police Department.

Road Patrol

School Patrols are provided at Vanguard Street and St Vincent Street from 8.30am - 8.55am and 3.00pm - 3.15pm.

Sunhats and Sunscreen

We encourage all children to wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun. During Term 1 & 4 children are required to wear a sun hat or play in the shade.


Please park vehicles outside the school grounds at all times. Both carparks off Vanguard St are for authorised cars only.