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Nelsonians dig in to celebrate Matariki

A Matariki celebration with strong multi-cultural flavour has been heralded as a success thanks to strong support from volunteers and the community.

Over 1000 people turned out to the event in Victory in central Nelson on Wednesday, which began at 3:30pm with musical performances by children from Victory Primary School, followed by a lantern parade, and fire and drumming performances at the top of the Railway Reserve.


Nelson Mail 15/06/2017

Victory celebrates Matariki

Hundreds of Nelsonians braved a cold winter twilight to enjoy a warm welcome and some hot food as part of this year's Matariki celebrations at Victory Community Centre.

Matariki is the Maori name for the star cluster known as the Pleiades. This appears over New Zealand skies in June this year, marking the start of Maori New Year.


Nelson Mail 28/06/2018

Local market initiative fills student bellies

Local school children aren't missing out on the most important meal of the day thanks to a supermarket with initiative.

Nelson New World has been supplying two banana boxes of bread from its on site bakery and store credit to two nearby schools to ensure their students are fuelled for a day of learning.


Nelson Mail 9/04/2017

Kapa haka groups rouse crowd

Kapa HakaThe crowd in Nelson on Saturday was swept up by the passion and skill of 19 kapa haka groups performing in South Island competitions.

Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Maui Maori Culture Council chairwoman Dayveen Stephens, who helped organise Te Waipounamu Kapa Haka Competitions 2016 at Nayland College in conjunction with Te Waipounamu Culture Council said it was the most entries in more than 30 years of the biennial event.


Nelson Mail 29/10/2016

Weather station erected for Victory School

weather stationA new weather station is set to be an educational tool for the students of Victory School.

The meteorological station, installed in The Broads a month ago, has been a work in progress for more than two years and is backed by past pupils of Victory School, Peter Lamb and Sterling Cathman.


Nelson Mail 10/9/2016

Victory lights up for Matariki

matariki hangiA 900-person hangi was among many magnificent moments for those attending Matariki celebrations in Victory.

A "standing room only" children's kapa haka performance kicked off the Maori New Year celebrations for about 400 early birds at Victory Primary School, event co-ordinator Nicola Bare said.

"I know a few other schools are doing their own Matariki events but this is our eighth year of doing it and everybody's looking forward to it."


Nelson Mail 16/6/2016

School benefits from $15,000 donation

poi_recordA generous donation from a local business has helped Victory Primary School provide food for disadvantaged pupils.

The school had applied for the help of charitable trust KidsCan, which provides food, clothing and other basic needs for those in need. But KidsCan has a waiting list because they're already helping 500 schools and more than 115,000 children around New Zealand.

Victory's large role of 400-plus pupils also meant it faced a long wait, potentially years, to get into the programme. That's when Vortex Spas came in. Managing director Andrew Pullen said the company didn't know about the school's application when he approached KidsCan about becoming "more proactive" in their support of local charities.

"We wanted to support our own community first and foremost, we wanted to support the most disadvantaged section of the community and we want to support basic needs first."


Nelson Mail 26/5/2016

Victory pulls together for world record attempt

poi_recordNelson people were out in force for a world record attempt for the largest group poi spinning only to be a few entrants shy of achieving their aim.

Victory Square hosted Wednesday afternoon's Victory Community Centre's record attempt during a sunny afternoon.

After two minutes of poi spinning to the traditional Poi E song, the crowd was on the edge of their seats as the final tally was waiting to be announced.


Nelson Mail 14/4/2016

Victory receives enviroschools award

Victory SchoolA recycling shed, community vegetable garden and rubbish-free stream all contributed to Victory Primary School being the deserving recipients of a silver enviroschools award.

Alfarax Shah, George Harwwod, Dawttha Kung and Klara Bare proudly showed Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese around their school before being presented with the award.

Speaking to the children Reese congratulated them what they had created.

"I love food, I particularly love vegetables and I'm very impressed that you have such a lot of things growing in that garden. I really like that the schools in Nelson are growing vegetables and fruit from the garden to the table," she said.


Nelson Mail 26/2/2016

Nelson students to use laser to send files

Victory SchoolAs part of a futuristic technology project, a group of Nelson school kids will use a drone and 3D printer to build a system so they can send computer files through a laser beam.

Victory Primary School science teacher Sterling Cathman came up with the idea for students to design and build a secure laser data transfer system to exchange information with Nelson Intermediate School.


Nelson Mail 9/12/2015

Valuable lessons at local schools

Victory School... Victory Primary School is a big and very positive part of our lives. It isn't just where our boys go to get a great education, it's the heart of the Victory community and it's the main way that we, as a family, connect with others in our area.

I've always been a big fan of kids going to their local public school. Our egalitarian tradition is one of the best things New Zealand has going for it and kids going to their nearest school is a big part of that culture.


Nelson Mail 13/8/2015

Matariki celebration marks new beginnings

matarikiAs the stars started to appear from behind high clouds over Nelson, hundreds of people took to the Railway Reserve, adorned with glowsticks and carrying lanterns to celebrate Matariki.

Wednesday night was the annual Matariki celebration for the Victory community.

It was a poignant evening for Victory Primary School principal Helen Taylor-Young, who was also celebrating her first anniversary at the school.


Nelson Mail 18/6/2015

Victory community raises funds for Nepal

nepal_fundraiserThe Victory community has raised over $900 to pass on to embattled Nepal after it was hit by two earthquakes.

Victory Primary School held a fundraiser on Friday, organised by the school's year six leadership group.

Principal Helen Taylor-Young said the group of students worked together to decide what would work to raise funds to donate.

"They brainstormed ideas they thought the kids would like to be part of," she said.


Nelson Mail 30/5/2015

Rubbish makes big impression on Nelson kids

rubbishThere were sounds of disgust from children during an assembly at Nelson's Victory School when they were faced with what four days of the schools rubbish looked like - literally.

Year five and six members of interschool environment group, Tiaki Taiao Enviro Group, spent the last four days collecting the schools rubbish three times a day. They displayed four full bags of the schools waste at an assembly yesterday to raise awareness for the excess waste students were leaving.

"Everybody was like 'ewww' and 'smelly' and 'gross', people saw how ugly it really was," said science teacher Stirling Cathman.


Nelson Mail 29/5/2015

Kids learn about endangered native parrots

Surrounded by a range of stuffed birds, a large kakapo and paper cut-out kakariki, students from Victory School were at the Nelson Provincial Museum to learn all about our native parrots.

The Pandemonium of Parrots exhibition aims to educate school children by raising awareness of the different parrots that are endemic to New Zealand and the challenges they face.


Nelson Mail 3/5/2015

New pact for Victory wellbeing

Victory Community Health and Victory Primary School have committed to developing their relationship to improve social wellbeing for the Victory community.

On Thursday night, the two groups signed a new memorandum of understanding at the Victory Community Centre.

The two groups had already been working together for the past eight years, and Victory School board of trustees chair Helen Watson said the memorandum was a "symbolic act" to show their partnership.


Nelson Mail 20/3/2015

Shallow funding sees school pools run dry

Victory PoolIn a country that urges water safety from a young age, why are some school pools around New Zealand full and others empty?

Water Safety New Zealand has launched a Givealittle page in a desperate bid for donations to keep struggling school pools afloat. Since 2008, more than 150 school pools have become non-operational, left empty, dug out or covered over for extra car parking or playing fields.


3 News Campbell Live 16/2/2015

Excited faces as classrooms buzz

2015_news_1Jammed with school lunches, stationery and extra pieces of uniform, backpacks went on and straps were tightened as pupils around the Nelson region went back to school today.

The sun was shining as children scootered, walked and biked to Victory Primary School, some nervously clinging on to Mum or Dad's hand and others speeding through without a look behind them.

The school welcomed 12 new pupils to join the two new entrance classes. Name tags and welcome notes were ready and waiting for them on the wall.


Nelson Mail 3/2/2015

The people's champion

championPaul Hampton was worried when the young boys he taught at Victory Primary School wanted to get into boxing.

They had been earmarked as needing extra attention. They lacked structure and had strayed into "living on the edge".

Hampton wanted to do something with them that would boost their self-esteem. "If young people have self-esteem they are going to learn and do well," he says.

But boxing was not quite what he had in mind. More...

Nelson Mail 14/1/2015

Spreading the science bug

mr_science_bugsA Nelson teacher has been out collecting bugs, and encourages children to do the same.

Victory Primary School science teacher Sterling Cathman aka Mr Science has been collecting bugs at the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary.

Cathman is nearing the end of a six-month project away from his teaching post so the sanctuary can see how healthy its biodiversity is, and how children can help monitor it.


Nelson Mail 12/12/2014

Focus on cat problem a winner for kids

no_more_catsA group of students from Victory Primary School are winners in a national sustainability film competition with their debut short film, No More Cats! which illustrates how our native birds are threatened by feline predators.

In the Outlook for Someday challenge, 20 winners were chosen from 140 entries.

The 'Bad Cat Team' which included Phoenix Binnie-Genet, 10, Wiremu Avramidis, 10 and Blade Hewlett, 11, were the only Nelson-based winners. More...

Nelson Mail 3/12/2014

Giant wasps' nest creates a buzz at school

Pupils at Victory Primary School couldn't believe the size of a giant wasps' nest gifted to them this week. At around a metre tall, the nest, believed to have been made by German paper wasps, is bigger than some of the children.

It was dropped off at the school on Wednesday by a woman who discovered it in the lining of a bedroom during home renovations. Teacher Sterling Cathman, who is known by the children as Mr Science, said no-one was sure what to do with it at first. More...

Nelson Mail 25/7/2014

Colour and kai to mark Matariki

The annual Matariki celebration at Victory last night was a celebration of not only the Maori New Year but a strong and thriving community.

The event which included a dance performance by Victory School, a choir, a parade of lanterns and a hangi, was made possible by the 150 community volunteers, said organiser Gareth Cashin. "I think it's just fantastic because it brings the community together," he said. More...

Nelson Mail 19/6/2014

New principal has community focus

Victory Primary School's new principal Helen Taylor-Young is happy to be home.

The school's previous principal, Mark Brown, resigned in November last year to work in Wellington, and Taylor-Young is here to fill his shoes.

She had been working for the Ministry of Education in Christchurch, and prior to that was deputy principal at Tuahiwi School in North Canterbury for 10 years. She has 24 years' experience in education.

Taylor-Young was welcomed to the school at a powhiri on Tuesday, her first day there. More...

Nelson Mail 5/6/2014