Welcome to Victory Primary School

We welcome your child and family to the Victory Community. We look forward to a happy partnership with you and your child. We are proud of Victory Primary School and what we achieve with our pupils. We expect high standards of behaviour and work from our pupils. We're sure you will enjoy being a part of Victory Primary School.




Children will have pre-school visits during school time, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, three weeks before their birthday.
Weeks 1 & 2 - 9.00 - 10.20
Week 3 - 9.00 - 12.30

We encourage parents to stay with their child for the duration of these visits as this gives them a chance to see what happens in their child's class.

Children who attend Victory or Nelson South Kindergartens will also visit with the Kindergarten.

The Kindergartens visit on a regular basis, usually once a term. Check with your Kindergarten teacher regarding these visits.

When enrolling a 5 year old you are required to provide a copy of their immunisation certificate, and produce a birth certificate for the school to sight. A "Healthy at 5" form is also completed which gives permission for the Public Health to check your child's hearing and vision.

We look forward to meeting you.